Ion Exchange Resin

Ion Exchange Resin

Product Name

Ion Exchange Resin

Total Solution Provider

We presents the full line-up of TRILITE Ion exchange resins from water treatment up to specialty applications. Samyang develops Tailored resins optimized for customer needs and provides differentiated technical services such as on-site visit for troubleshooting, technical seminars, process diagnosis, and design consulting, etc. Also, Samyang R&D center offers various analysis services for IERs, and develops advanced application technologies.

TRILITE represents Next Generation Ion Exchange Resin.

TRILITE UPS resin has adopted state-of-the-art Droplet generating technology for polymerization, differentiated from the prevailing mechanical sieving of polymers and conventional polymerization technology. Premium grade TRILITE Ion Exchange Resins are manufactured from the newest UPS IER plant in the world. TRILITE satisfies high-quality standards; Uniformity coefficient of TIRILITE is under 1.1 with high mechanical and chemical stability.